CA Spectrum

CA Spectrum offers the robust, comprehensive and sophisticated capabilities IT organizations need to proactively and effectively manage their infrastructures and services.

CA Spectrum offers:
Service-aware management. CA Spectrum helps staff discover, model, monitor and manage the relationships between the infrastructure and the business services it supports.
Intelligent fault detection. CA Spectrum delivers patented technologies that automate device discovery and root cause analysis, speeding issue detection and remediation.
Change management. CA Spectrum delivers the visibility and control administrators need to minimize the erroneous changes that lead to performance issues and outages.
Comprehensive coverage. With CA Spectrum, managers can gain comprehensive visibility across physical, virtualized and cloud environments, and across vendors, including SDNs.
Customized, role-based views. CA Spectrum offers pre-packaged, easily customizable dashboards and reports that can be tailored to the specific needs of administrators, users and customers.

Key Benefits/Results

Maximize IT’s value.
U Get the practicalinsights you need to better align investments and efforts with business priorities.

Accelerate issue resolution.
Leverage automated discovery, event correlation and root cause analysis capabilities that reduce the time it takes to fix problems.

Boost service levels.
Improve system availability and performance by minimizing erroneous changes.

Speed innovation.
Capitalize on innovative technologies and approaches, such as cloud and virtualization, while using a single management platform.

Key Features

Intelligent event correlation.
Correlate among multiple events and suppresses symptomatic alarms in order to deliver targeted insights.

Fast root cause analysis.
Pinpoint specific causes of outages and performance issues.

Proactive change management.
Included are tools for controlling, tracking and remediating changes across thousands of network devices.

Comprehensive device and platform coverage.
Provide a single platform for monitoring physical, virtualized and cloud environments—and integrate with CA Unified Infrastructure Management to offer server management capabilities.

Customized, role-based views and interfaces.
IT delivers pre-packaged and easily customizable reports, alerts and dashboards.

Enhanced user experience with native mobile app and new WebClient.