CA Network Flow Analysis (NFA)

  CA Network Flow Analysis gives network operations teams the visibility and controls required to monitor, manage and optimize the performance of today’s networks. With CA Network Flow Analysis, network administrators can quickly troubleshoot issues, identify top users and applications, implement service quality policies and track their efficacy and manage the capacity of network resources to maximize the service levels of the most critical applications and services.

Key Benefits/Results

Optimize the network for application performance by implementing effective resource controls and QoS policies.

Solve problems faster through actionable alerts and built-in workflows that speed research and troubleshooting.

Do more effective capacity planning and make better infrastructure investments.

Get the complete data needed to accurately understand existing resource utilization, as well as the impact of potential bottlenecks.

Key Features

Enhanced application-level insights and control:
Enables you to identify the applications on your network, offering NBAR2 support that provides more than 1,000 default classifications.

Patented anomaly detection:
GBased on continuous, automated network data collection and mathematical analysis, the solution can establish patterns and detect when anomalies in network traffic occur.

Unified performance view:
Gain a comprehensive view of the sources for network performance data across your enterprise.

Sophisticated reporting:
Access reports on traffic analysis, QoS, wide area application service segments, application response times and more.

Analyze traffic on every link. Identify unnecessary application traffic that could compromise mission-critical applications.