Axway Accounting Integration Suite (AIS)

  Axway Accounting Integration Suite (AI Suite) is a comprehensive, secure and proven solution for managing, automating and optimizing the data transformation and integration process between business applications (back offices) and financial information systems. These systems include multi-GAAP general ledgers (local and others), compliance-enabled reporting systems (IFRS, sub ledgers, etc.), and financial risk reporting and monitoring systems. AI Suite ensures controls over data quality and transparency of your accounting flows and maintains consistency and reconciliation between business applications and financial systems.

Key Features & Benefits

Business-driven data transformation and integration
Transform operational data (business events) based on business needs, not IT requirements.

Centralized, user-friendly rules management
Empower the accounting department with centralized control and ownership of accounting rules.

Exception/rejection handling
Easily make end-of-month adjustments to provisions and accruals, and view, manually amend, and recycle events rejected by the system.

Detailed reporting and secure visibility into easy-to-query audit trails
Audit business transactions from the time they are initiated to the time they are posted to accounting and risk systems.

Improve Visibility and management of the financial and accounting data production Visualizing the operational process in real-time helps you correlate, optimize and take action.

Axway Accounting Integration Suite (AIS) Architecture