CA Application Performance Management (APM)

  In a time when businesses are literally being rewritten by software, APM is necessary to deliver a solution across the application lifecycle that is:

Easy to deploy and manage with APM agents that get value in minutes.
Proactive in identifying problems via automatic transaction traces and a unified end-user view into every transaction—including mobile app, synthetic or web-based—to fix issues before users are impacted.
Intelligent in using APM big data to better understand your end users’ interactions with your applications, from the mobile app and device all the way to the mainframe back end.
Collaborative across the organization to reduce data complexity and provide task-relevant views for every user, from developers to level one support operators, thereby instilling continuous performance improvements at every stage of the software lifecycle.

Key Benefits/Results

Easily deploy and manage APM
to gain value quickly.

Proactively manage the user experience
to create a competitive advantage.

Utilize system intelligence
through advanced analytics and smart instrumentation for rapid triage.

Fuel collaboration across the organization
to enable continuous performance and quality improvements.

Key Features

Assisted Triage
provides intuitive root cause analysis workflows based on analytics.

simplify complex app topologies through task- relevant views.

speeds triage by showing the impact of change, helping you easily locate where performance problems originate.

Differential Analysis
helps you quickly recognize and understand the most critical problems.

Mobile-to-mainframe APM
gives you 20/20 insight into your apps from mobile to mainframe.

Digital Experience Insights
delivers APM as a SaaS-based monitoring and analytics solution.

Zero Configuration agent
automatically collects deep transaction traces when a problem occurs.

APM simplifies and speeds the triage process through prescriptive workflows and experience views across the entire application environment.