API Management

CA API Management includes:

• CA API Gateway. Deploy the core functionality needed for enterprise-scale API security and management. Available in multiple editions to meet your specific needs.
• CA Mobile API Gateway The power of the CA API Gateway with additional enhancements to power your mobile solution. Includes an SDK that enables enterprise-grade SSO (with integration with OAuth and OpenID Connect) and geo-location support, as well as security management of mobile devices—including Samsung Knox integration.
• CA Mobile App Services. This add-on to CA Mobile API Gateway enables developers to write reactive apps that can use real-time propagation of events and data, create ad hoc groups to enhance collaboration and weave security into the app for data at rest and in motion.
• CA API Developer Portal A centralized portal that allows enterprises to engage, onboard, educate, and manage internal or external developers, publish APIs for consumption (e.g., documentation, code examples and grouping) and provide full analytics on API usage/performance.
• CA Live API Creator.A comprehensive platform for API and application development and execution.

Key Benefits/Results

Developer access.
Empower internal and external developers to leverage your APIs.

Mobile access.
Securely connect the enterprise with mobile apps and smart devices.

Partner access.
Share information and services across organizational boundaries.

Cloud access.
Remove barriers to adoption of SaaS applications and cloud infrastructure.

Data access.
Produce a complete, working system—everything you need for your applications, in minutes: data integration, application logic, and a robust API.

Critical Differentiators

Ease of use:
CA API Management offers a visual user interface to instantly create APIs or setup complex security policies, and can easily connect SOA, ESB and legacy applications.

Achieve high performance and scaling with throttling, prioritization, caching, routing, and dynamically scale up or down as needed.

Protects against threats, OWASP vulnerabilities and controls access with single sign-on and identity management, providing end-to-end security for apps, mobile, and IoT.

Can be implemented as a SaaS, on-premises or hybrid solution, and is available in a wide range of form factors ranging across hardware, software, virtual, and containers such as Docker.

Can enable the entire API lifecycle for mobile and IoT; builds scalable connections to cloud solutions and automatically creates data APIs with live business logic.

CA API Management Product Family Architecture